Transformer protector: how the protection for transformers work

How Transformer Protector Works


As shown in the video diagram above:

  • The TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR activates within milliseconds depressurizing the transformer main tank.
  • Once the depressurization is complete, to avoid the bazooka effect from killing maintenance technicians during tank opening, the transformer is then injected with inert gas to evacuate the remaining explosive gases.
  • After the explosive gases have been cleared, the transformer is then safe and ready for repair.

The TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR is the only proven solution to prevent transformer explosion and fire. 20 years of extensive high-level mechanical research and tests were necessary to design the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR.

This fast depressurization system is suitable for any type of oil-immersed transformer and including surrounding equipment such as the On Load Tap Changer (OLTC), Oil Cable Box (OCB), and Oil Bushing Cable Box (OBCB).


Watch the slideshow below to learn more about some of the components of the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR Fast Depressurization System.

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