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Conservator Shutter

When a transformer is under normal operation, the CONSERVATOR SHUTTER is open, enabling oil volume expansion or retraction from the conservator.

Conservator ShutterAs soon as the CONSERVATOR SHUTTER detects an abnormal high oil flow, it quickly and effectively isolates the conservator. If this activation is caused by a transformer tank explosion, the CONSERVATOR SHUTTER prevents oil from the conservator, from pouring onto the transformer tank or ground surrounding the transformer.


Is used by electric utilities located in earthquake and hurricane risk areas where movement causes pipe ruptures or leaks



TL 24 Type – for 2-inch piping (DN 50)
TL 34 Type – for 3-inch piping (SN 80)


  1. The Conservator Shutter, a flow sensitive device, is as essential to transformer safety as a Buchholz relay.
  2. While the transformer is operating normally, the Shutter is open. When the Buchholz detects the presence of gases, the Shutter quickly isolates the conservator tank, as soon as it detects abnormal oil flow.
  3. When a short-circuit occurs, the resulting pressure increase forces the transformer cover off and the oil catches fire. The conservator oil causes oil overflow which burns the main tank. The resultant oil flow between the conservator and tank closes the Shutter.
  4. The Shutter is equipped with an integrated magnetic switch. When the Shutter closes, the magnetic contact sends an alarm signal to the control room.

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